Hostel politics and Rumours!

on Saturday, May 4, 2013
Rumours, Rumours, Rumours!
My hostel life consists of a wide variation of events (just like everybody else's)- from total fun, movies, studies, games, confessions to fights, bitching and politics. And the truth is you get involved in the later part sometimes-- me unknowingly- which I realize afterwards. I mean, if you talk with your friends discussing about the one who did something wrong to you, you’re technically back bitching!

Anyways, I actually want to talk about some people, girls, who are seriously pathetic from my point of view! I mean.....I don't know.. they're pathetic! A lot more older than me but still with a "zero" thinking abilities. I mean they lie and they don't even use their brain

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This is just one "simple" example. There are always some people who always try to induce hate and fights and I don't even understand what they get out of it? Well, I call it as the hostel politics. Some people just go way too beyond the limits. And you get to know about the "political" tricks when you hear some cheesy rumour about you! But you can’t do anything. The only thing you can do is stay away from these people. For me even if I stay away, some people just can’t see me happy. Yes, sometimes you may feel to strangle the person but you can’t do that in real so it’s pointless to think like that! (However, you can enjoy that in your imagination!)

I have 3-4 such people in my hostel. Most of my classmates are my friends and I can hangout with them if I don’t have any of my close friends with me at the moment. They seem to like me as well. But then, no movie is fun without a gang of villains. Recently I heard a rumour about myself. Again! But I know the good thing is that no matter what kind of rumour is going around people will come to know about the truth at some point. And there lies the happy part! Forget about the bullshit rumors if you face any. The truth is if you keep pleasing others you'll never be able to live for yourself! Just enjoy with your friends, the ones who love you and care about you. No matter what they’ll be with you. This is what that matters, and you should care about what they say instead of the things said by some bloody amateur politician!

So with this, I’m putting a pause for now. Enjoy your life! See you later.


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