#2 How to survive in college: How to pass time when you're alone?

on Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Are you bored? Don't know what to do? Here are some ideas!

We all get bored at some or other point. Either you got fed up studying or you just don't want to study at the moment. But you don't know what to do? Here is the list of things that I do, and are a great, fun and useful ways to pass time.
  1. The best thing you can do is sleep! Yes, I have placed it at the top of the list. It's a great way to relax and restore energy. With a nap you can start fresh for the rest of the day.
  2. Read novels. Keep some books of your interest with you. Reading books is a very good way to improve your language skills and imagination. Believe me it feels really awesome when you read a novel and keep on imagining the ongoing scene. Reading books other than your text books is a productive time pass.
  3. Net surfing. This is also a great idea and one of my favorite time pass. There is so much you can do in this virtual world of internet. If you're a blogger, blog about something. If you're a tweeter, tweet down your thoughts- meet people with similar interests. If you're a facebooker, connect with your old mates- a good way to refresh the relationships with friends. You can read, you can write, you can watch videos, join forums and what not.
  4. Spend time on yourself. It's so much fun. Try some new looks, dresses, style, exercises etc! Take out some time to take care of yourself- your skin, your body, your hair, your personality etc. These things also play a very important role to maintain confidence. So, you can try out that.
  5. Take a bath. Bathing is a very 'peaceful' way to relax!
  6. Show your creativity! You must be having  some or other hobbies, don't you? So when are you going to use that? Use it here. Do some crafts etc.
  7. Clean up your room. I really feel that a cleaner room helps you concentrate more! I don't know how many of you feel the same but I really feel that I feel a bit relaxed to see a cleaner surrounding. Arrange things.
  8. Decorate your room. Now don't say that you're not an artist! Add some good and positive things you like on the walls. Or you can even make your own decorative and add it on your wall. Everybody at some or other point want to hold some colors and make some decorative! So, don't think just do it.
  9. Watch movies, series etc. You can watch movies and series either in your laptop or TV (if you have one in your hostel).
  10. Go for shopping! Yes, some of you may find it weird to go out alone for shopping but trust me it's not that bad idea. Go out and shop. You may feel strange for the first time but you'll eventually start enjoying it. Try it once and you'll know.
  11. Go for a walk. Listen to the music and have a walk. I'd advice to go to some green areas because plants always create a peaceful surroundings. Take pictures- a great way to explore and learn.
  12. Cook. If you're allowed to do this in your hostel.
  13. Learn some instruments. Any instrument that you ever wished to learn. e.g. acoustic guitar. You can take online lessons, or buy tutorial CD's or you can join some nearby music if you have one around. 
  14. Call your friends and relatives. You don't want to be viewed as someone who 'forgets' the near and dear ones! So, don't forget to call. 
  15. Meet up with your classmates. Building relationship with your present classmates is important. Meet up with them, have coffee, gossip and try to know each other.
  16. Plant a seed! Or put a plant in your garden or in a pot to keep in your hostel room. Plants freshens up the inside air. It's always wonderful. Now, once you've planted a pot you need to take out some time to take care of it as well. Water it, remove the dead leaves, check on the worms etc.
  17. Make a list. e.g. list of the things you need to buy?
    So, in this way you can pass you time in a productive way. I hope this was helpful!


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