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Joining college is one of the most exciting experience of our lives. It gives you a complete freedom for the first time, a lot of good and bad memories and of course gives a direction to your career. It teaches you a lot of basic things about life which can be very useful in your future- the even more "mature" life! However, for some people college life becomes a part of their worst nightmare. And that's why I am here! To share some of my experiences and give you some "advice".

Giving other people advice?? First go through your own college life silly girl!
When you go to college and shift to your hostel, that's where you meet those creatures known as your "new classmates". They come in a lot of varieties, I must say! And at this point, you should try to find out those who belong to your own 'subspecies': I mean your type, or your category.

How to meet your new classmates?


Not a complicated question, until you mess up the situation! The only thing I would say is that "be yourself"! Easy to understand, isn't it? Don't try to be a person you are not. Don't try to 'act' cool because the true you will come in front of everybody very soon, and especially because you are all going to live together. Don't try to create an image on your first meeting because that may end up you with some troubles and may end up you being proved a birdbrain!

How to meet and interact with your new classmates?
 Therefore, a few points to remember:

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Notice everybody.
  3. Talk to everybody with a smiley face because you don't want to show that you're an "angry young man" or "angry young woman". Do you? Not a good idea for your first impression!
  4. Do not open up and spit out all your secrets on your very first day in front of everybody to show that you're very frank! (yes I have some dumbos here who did that! And trust me it's not a good idea either!)
  5. Don't try to be cool, just act normal. I know college is exciting but you need to control your emotions!
  6. Don't speak stupid. If you don't know about the topic being discussed, keep quite and try to change the topic. Or try to ask about it to continue conversation (and of course knowledge).
  7. Don't just stand in a group of people and listen what others are saying. Interact. Start and continue conversation.
  8. If you didn't like anybody, do not tell everybody that you don't like the person and why you don't like the person. Because, well, back bitching should only be done with the most close friends of yours, of course!
  9. Don't brag about yourself or the things you have. Not a good topic to start the conversation! However, can result in end of the discussion.
  10. Be friendly. People love friendly peeps!

These are a few tips from my side which you should keep in mind when you meet your new classmates for the first time. Be yourself and attract like people to yourself. Those like people will become you best friends in your college life. Don't be scared that people will not like you because of your habits, behaviour, likes and dislikes or any other factors. You will definitely find some of those who are like you and those will be the ones who will make your college life beautiful.

With this, at last I would say:
                 "Meet. Think. Identify. Befriend."

Always remember!


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