on Monday, January 14, 2013

Okay, seeing the date of my last post you can tell that I updated my blog about a year ago! Actually it's more than a year now! Not because I've been ignorant or I don't like to blog anymore. I've joined college now! Most of you may think that I have a lot to study and I may not get time. However, I think time is not the reason. But laziness is! I have become incredibly lazy. I think in my mind that okay now I should study or now I should do something useful, like say blog, but physically I never do what's going on mentally. Which is not good. Not at all. So I've decided to, kind of, reopen this blog so as to keep myself more active. Moreover, I can spit out the tension and anger here-- that's the benefit of a personal blog which is not known to friends and colleagues!

So, I'll start with a brief introduction about my present life. Now I live in hostel. Far away from home. And the thing that makes my living in the hostel more interesting is that I have an evil room-mate. Most of my other friends are good though. My hostel warden just--sucks! I eat crap in my college canteen. In college I have some really weird class-mates. And there are many more.

My first year is over now and I have some experiences which I would definitely like to share and will share  this time, without procrastination. I'm trying to motivate myself to keep updating-- I deleted some of my older posts (I used to be over excited all the time, man! However, most of the posts are like that only), and I even changed my blog's look! So, hope this time I'll be updating this blog as frequently as possible.

I'll soon be back with a new post. See you then. Happy reading!

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