on Wednesday, May 8, 2013
My disturbed sleep cycles
 Currently my vacation is going on, and therefore I'm at home. Home sweet home! I don't think I need to say anything regarding the pleasures of being at home, you all experience that. For me, the thing that I do most of the time when I'm at home on vacation is--sleep! Sometimes I even wonder how can somebody sleep like this?! I mean I used to think only boys can sleep this much--which I used to watch when my brother used to come on vacation when he was in college. But now I sleep like hell!

My REM and NREM sleep cycle is totally disturbed since I've been to college! At hostel I don't even realize and heck, it's already 12 AM! I mean I didn't do anything except for eating snacks, net surfing, dinner,  and then listening to music for some time after college hours, then where the time flew?! And now since it's already 12 AM, I have to complete all my college work like assignments and maintaining practical files after 12 only. In fact I have a mind set up now. No matter how lengthy the assignments is, I always think "oh, I still got the night time to complete it. I can surely watch this movie now." I often go to bed at 2 or later and during exam times...there's no set time for that because it's the last day when I "actually" study for the exam. Although no matter how late I sleep at hostel, I have to get up before 8AM for breakfast, and I can't miss that. There, even if you ask me to sleep at 8 PM I'll do that! But then, I find difficulty in getting up early in the morning, and that's why I prefer to go to bed late because no matter what time I go to bed, I get up only before breakfast time.

At home, I stay up till 5 AM and that also for no reason! Before you think something like "she must be studying at night at home", let me correct I don't study when I'm at home because I get vacations only after my exams. I bring a single book with me, just to show my mother! (I know, I know what you're thinking....good girl gone bad!) I usually sleep after 3AM only when I'm at home and I get up only around 11AM! And the weird thing even if I somehow go to bed early at night when I'm at home, still I get up only around 11AM, unless I've to go somewhere. I think my mind knows that there's nothing urgent to do and I think that's why it prefers to take some extra nap time! I think its the resultant of my college practice of going late for bed.

I've felt that when I go to bed late, I get up early in the morning than usual. And when I go to bed early at night, I sleep too much that day.

I know it's not a healthy practice. I used to be a good girl who used to get up early in the morning with the first call from parents, and now I'm becoming a total owl. It's the night time when I can concentrate properly. 

I'm trying to improve my habits but so far it's been 'tough'!

With this, putting a pause for now. See you soon. :)

on Saturday, May 4, 2013
Rumours, Rumours, Rumours!
My hostel life consists of a wide variation of events (just like everybody else's)- from total fun, movies, studies, games, confessions to fights, bitching and politics. And the truth is you get involved in the later part sometimes-- me unknowingly- which I realize afterwards. I mean, if you talk with your friends discussing about the one who did something wrong to you, you’re technically back bitching!

Anyways, I actually want to talk about some people, girls, who are seriously pathetic from my point of view! I mean.....I don't know.. they're pathetic! A lot more older than me but still with a "zero" thinking abilities. I mean they lie and they don't even use their brain

Read as numbered
This is just one "simple" example. There are always some people who always try to induce hate and fights and I don't even understand what they get out of it? Well, I call it as the hostel politics. Some people just go way too beyond the limits. And you get to know about the "political" tricks when you hear some cheesy rumour about you! But you can’t do anything. The only thing you can do is stay away from these people. For me even if I stay away, some people just can’t see me happy. Yes, sometimes you may feel to strangle the person but you can’t do that in real so it’s pointless to think like that! (However, you can enjoy that in your imagination!)

I have 3-4 such people in my hostel. Most of my classmates are my friends and I can hangout with them if I don’t have any of my close friends with me at the moment. They seem to like me as well. But then, no movie is fun without a gang of villains. Recently I heard a rumour about myself. Again! But I know the good thing is that no matter what kind of rumour is going around people will come to know about the truth at some point. And there lies the happy part! Forget about the bullshit rumors if you face any. The truth is if you keep pleasing others you'll never be able to live for yourself! Just enjoy with your friends, the ones who love you and care about you. No matter what they’ll be with you. This is what that matters, and you should care about what they say instead of the things said by some bloody amateur politician!

So with this, I’m putting a pause for now. Enjoy your life! See you later.

on Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Are you bored? Don't know what to do? Here are some ideas!

We all get bored at some or other point. Either you got fed up studying or you just don't want to study at the moment. But you don't know what to do? Here is the list of things that I do, and are a great, fun and useful ways to pass time.
  1. The best thing you can do is sleep! Yes, I have placed it at the top of the list. It's a great way to relax and restore energy. With a nap you can start fresh for the rest of the day.
  2. Read novels. Keep some books of your interest with you. Reading books is a very good way to improve your language skills and imagination. Believe me it feels really awesome when you read a novel and keep on imagining the ongoing scene. Reading books other than your text books is a productive time pass.
  3. Net surfing. This is also a great idea and one of my favorite time pass. There is so much you can do in this virtual world of internet. If you're a blogger, blog about something. If you're a tweeter, tweet down your thoughts- meet people with similar interests. If you're a facebooker, connect with your old mates- a good way to refresh the relationships with friends. You can read, you can write, you can watch videos, join forums and what not.
  4. Spend time on yourself. It's so much fun. Try some new looks, dresses, style, exercises etc! Take out some time to take care of yourself- your skin, your body, your hair, your personality etc. These things also play a very important role to maintain confidence. So, you can try out that.
  5. Take a bath. Bathing is a very 'peaceful' way to relax!
  6. Show your creativity! You must be having  some or other hobbies, don't you? So when are you going to use that? Use it here. Do some crafts etc.
  7. Clean up your room. I really feel that a cleaner room helps you concentrate more! I don't know how many of you feel the same but I really feel that I feel a bit relaxed to see a cleaner surrounding. Arrange things.
  8. Decorate your room. Now don't say that you're not an artist! Add some good and positive things you like on the walls. Or you can even make your own decorative and add it on your wall. Everybody at some or other point want to hold some colors and make some decorative! So, don't think just do it.
  9. Watch movies, series etc. You can watch movies and series either in your laptop or TV (if you have one in your hostel).
  10. Go for shopping! Yes, some of you may find it weird to go out alone for shopping but trust me it's not that bad idea. Go out and shop. You may feel strange for the first time but you'll eventually start enjoying it. Try it once and you'll know.
  11. Go for a walk. Listen to the music and have a walk. I'd advice to go to some green areas because plants always create a peaceful surroundings. Take pictures- a great way to explore and learn.
  12. Cook. If you're allowed to do this in your hostel.
  13. Learn some instruments. Any instrument that you ever wished to learn. e.g. acoustic guitar. You can take online lessons, or buy tutorial CD's or you can join some nearby music if you have one around. 
  14. Call your friends and relatives. You don't want to be viewed as someone who 'forgets' the near and dear ones! So, don't forget to call. 
  15. Meet up with your classmates. Building relationship with your present classmates is important. Meet up with them, have coffee, gossip and try to know each other.
  16. Plant a seed! Or put a plant in your garden or in a pot to keep in your hostel room. Plants freshens up the inside air. It's always wonderful. Now, once you've planted a pot you need to take out some time to take care of it as well. Water it, remove the dead leaves, check on the worms etc.
  17. Make a list. e.g. list of the things you need to buy?
    So, in this way you can pass you time in a productive way. I hope this was helpful!
on Monday, April 22, 2013

Joining college is one of the most exciting experience of our lives. It gives you a complete freedom for the first time, a lot of good and bad memories and of course gives a direction to your career. It teaches you a lot of basic things about life which can be very useful in your future- the even more "mature" life! However, for some people college life becomes a part of their worst nightmare. And that's why I am here! To share some of my experiences and give you some "advice".

Giving other people advice?? First go through your own college life silly girl!
When you go to college and shift to your hostel, that's where you meet those creatures known as your "new classmates". They come in a lot of varieties, I must say! And at this point, you should try to find out those who belong to your own 'subspecies': I mean your type, or your category.

How to meet your new classmates?


Not a complicated question, until you mess up the situation! The only thing I would say is that "be yourself"! Easy to understand, isn't it? Don't try to be a person you are not. Don't try to 'act' cool because the true you will come in front of everybody very soon, and especially because you are all going to live together. Don't try to create an image on your first meeting because that may end up you with some troubles and may end up you being proved a birdbrain!

How to meet and interact with your new classmates?
 Therefore, a few points to remember:

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Notice everybody.
  3. Talk to everybody with a smiley face because you don't want to show that you're an "angry young man" or "angry young woman". Do you? Not a good idea for your first impression!
  4. Do not open up and spit out all your secrets on your very first day in front of everybody to show that you're very frank! (yes I have some dumbos here who did that! And trust me it's not a good idea either!)
  5. Don't try to be cool, just act normal. I know college is exciting but you need to control your emotions!
  6. Don't speak stupid. If you don't know about the topic being discussed, keep quite and try to change the topic. Or try to ask about it to continue conversation (and of course knowledge).
  7. Don't just stand in a group of people and listen what others are saying. Interact. Start and continue conversation.
  8. If you didn't like anybody, do not tell everybody that you don't like the person and why you don't like the person. Because, well, back bitching should only be done with the most close friends of yours, of course!
  9. Don't brag about yourself or the things you have. Not a good topic to start the conversation! However, can result in end of the discussion.
  10. Be friendly. People love friendly peeps!

These are a few tips from my side which you should keep in mind when you meet your new classmates for the first time. Be yourself and attract like people to yourself. Those like people will become you best friends in your college life. Don't be scared that people will not like you because of your habits, behaviour, likes and dislikes or any other factors. You will definitely find some of those who are like you and those will be the ones who will make your college life beautiful.

With this, at last I would say:
                 "Meet. Think. Identify. Befriend."

Always remember!


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on Monday, January 14, 2013

Okay, seeing the date of my last post you can tell that I updated my blog about a year ago! Actually it's more than a year now! Not because I've been ignorant or I don't like to blog anymore. I've joined college now! Most of you may think that I have a lot to study and I may not get time. However, I think time is not the reason. But laziness is! I have become incredibly lazy. I think in my mind that okay now I should study or now I should do something useful, like say blog, but physically I never do what's going on mentally. Which is not good. Not at all. So I've decided to, kind of, reopen this blog so as to keep myself more active. Moreover, I can spit out the tension and anger here-- that's the benefit of a personal blog which is not known to friends and colleagues!

So, I'll start with a brief introduction about my present life. Now I live in hostel. Far away from home. And the thing that makes my living in the hostel more interesting is that I have an evil room-mate. Most of my other friends are good though. My hostel warden just--sucks! I eat crap in my college canteen. In college I have some really weird class-mates. And there are many more.

My first year is over now and I have some experiences which I would definitely like to share and will share  this time, without procrastination. I'm trying to motivate myself to keep updating-- I deleted some of my older posts (I used to be over excited all the time, man! However, most of the posts are like that only), and I even changed my blog's look! So, hope this time I'll be updating this blog as frequently as possible.

I'll soon be back with a new post. See you then. Happy reading!

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