Never run here and there when an earthquake starts!!

on Monday, November 7, 2011
Now, of course, only a person like me can behave like this! Last month on 18th, a very strong earthquake struck Sikkim, as you may know. A lots of people died and there was a lots of destruction. I was at home that day. And since my state is the adjoining state to Sikkim that's why we too experienced a light shake over here. It wasn't a strong one but still it scared the big jesus out of me! This was my first ever experience with earthquake, even though I spent a very long time in Himachal Pradesh. I never experienced an earthquake there and never expected that I'll experience one here.

What happened, I was playing around and suddenly my father asked me something and we were talking about something. I don't even remember, the earthquake lead to memory loss! Then suddenly the building started shaking. Me and my dad went blank. Now, the thing is, here building shakes a bit when a big truck or bus moves on the road. Maybe because of the shock absorbents or whatever. The building is located near the road, and I think it's a highway. Whatever. The first thing that came in my mind was "the building never shakes like this because of the traffic". The next thing I did was, opened the front door and put my head out to see what's going on. As soon as I opened the door, I saw my neighbours too are in the same condition. I was looking to them, they looked at me. We didn't said anything and I looked here and there. Then the uncle said, "the building is shaking, right??". And I said, "yes uncle". He started saying to his family " get out, there's an earthquake". I got too scared that I got blank and was running here and there.  lol. I'm so stupid. I said to my dad "run, run, run". My dad was very cool like nothing was happening! He has experienced much, much, in fact very much strong earthquake before. He said it was a light one, nothing will happen (because when a strong earthquake starts, you'll not get the time to run here and there! Before doing that the building will fall). I thought that the building will fall before we'll get out of the building and the problem is I live on 8th floor! Anyways, while we were getting down, the earthquake stopped.

You should never behave like how I behaved! I got struck with an article a few days ago. It was like the god has slapped that article on my face, showing me what to do and what not to do. Whenever an earthquake strikes:
  • Keep your mind cool.
  • Don't run here and there like a stupid person (like me)!
  • If the earthquake is very strong that it's hard for you to even stand or if the things starts falling, then never try to run out of the building, instead, try to find something strong like a table and hide yourself under it.
  • Don't stay near the front door, windows, bookshelves etc, as they can break and fall on you.
  • After the earthquake, get out the building as there are always chance for a second earthquake and stay alert for next 24 hours.
  • Don't light fire because there maybe some gas leakages.
  • If you're on road then get out of the car or whatever. But don't leave it on the road. The roads should be free for the ambulances and fire brigade.
  • You should help the victims, at last.
Every natural calamities brings a lots of destruction but you need to keep your mind cool. This is very important. You wouldn't be able to think, otherwise.

Stay safe and never behave like me during a calamity!


Saru Singhal said...

That's very useful and nicely written...

Anonymous said...

thanks for this very useful post sneha! It's nice that you pointed out: If you're on road then get out of the car or whatever. But don't leave it on the road. The roads should be free for the ambulances and fire brigade. Telling us that, we should think for the safety of others too...!

Sneha Sunny said...

Thanks,,,both of your for stopping by and comment! :) You made me smile :)

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