My first anniversary!

on Monday, November 21, 2011

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Last year on this day, 21 November, I published my first ever article online on I've reached a milestone by successfully publishing for 1 year. It's my anniversary, yayyyyyyyy!! From this day my adventure of online publishing started and is still going on. It's my paper anniversary! I'm very happy today! I still feel that I started writing just a few months ago but 1 year has passed. I don't believe this! How quickly time passed away. I'm very much thankful to those who read my crap-y stuff. I wonder how people are still tolerating me. But I loved this past year. I'm very happy! Thanks to all of you who made this 1 year very special and motivated me to write more crap!!

My first ever article: Know About Big Cats
My latest article: Career As A Tattoo Artist 


Raj said...

Heyy Sneha... Congratzz on your paper anniversary. It is a very nice achievement. Keep writing and we shall keep reading. :)

Saru Singhal said...

Congrats Sneha:)

Rachna said...

congrats :).

Harman said...

congrats! ... :)
keep writing ..cheers!!

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