on Sunday, August 14, 2011
Well, yesterday night I wrote two articles with a total of 4000 words (yes I did checked the word count!!) and now I'm not in the mood to type MORE words....seriously!! But still I had to collect something for you guys, I can't leave you guys without any post for many days :-). So, follow the link that I found from the site StumbleUpon.com today and stumbled.  As usual, today also StumbleUpon presented a recommendation for me and it very quickly got my attention......Why??.....you know that I'm crazy about animals.......don't you??  If you have checked my links then you must have seen that I've an account in StumbleUpon and basically I use it to submit my own articles, but sometimes I do stumble good things....... Check it out.... It'll surely bring a smile on your face....:-)

Cute animals...

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on Wednesday, August 3, 2011
A Painting By Me
(please note that the url written on the picture is no more the url of this site. For some personal reasons I changed it to snehablogsabout.blogspot.com)

And look who is here with me today. I just hope you can understand what is it from the picture. If it's that bad and hard to understand then let me tell you it's the African Lion....one of my sweethearts :-). My craze to cat family made me do this....lol. Actually this is my first animal painting and I've used soft pastels to make this yesterday night. In fact it's my first soft pastel painting as well and now soft pastels are my new favorites :-). Yesterday night I don't know what happened to me. I was watching a movie and after the movie I was just about to sleep but I don't know what I thought, I just took a piece of chart paper lying next to me and my soft pastels and started making this. I just continued until it was complete.

I don't know why I'm so much fascinated by animals...all animals you see. But cats are on the top of the list and I guess you can see that too if you've seen my blog properly. Maybe because I feel that they are so much "royal". I don't know. I just like them. And BTW all the girls likes cat.

Okay, I started making it at 1:00 AM (3rd August 2011) sharp and then it was complete at 3:30 AM. So, it took two and a half hours to make it. Yes,,, I can stay awake at night....but I did slept upto 12:00 PM in the morning :-P.

I always wanted to paint some animal's pic and always wanted to start with some member of cat family only. That's why I chose the king. I've seen a lots of paintings by others, beautiful ones but some people make paintings which looks exact copy of the real one. But I think the painting should look like a painting. Don't you think?? Otherwise what would be the difference between the real one and a painting. LOL.......I'm saying so 'cause I can't make that realistic...... but......hey!!!! that makes a sense actually, what would be the difference.. I've tried many times to make an exact copy. But first of all, I never succeeded :-/ :-P and secondly, if you try to make the exact copy using the same colors as in the real one then the painting actually looks boring, more use of colors makes it much interesting. WOW........ sometimes I say right things, with sense....though accidentally!! Fine...stop!! don't laugh at me now!!

I hope it was not that much annoying.... tell me whether you liked it or not in comments and reactions. Oh!! and sign my guest book (on the left) as well if you wish...:-)
Next time I'll make an owl dedicating myself that I can stay awake late at night. :-D

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