Only clouds today!!!!!!!!

on Tuesday, July 5, 2011
It was raining here today very hard. But after the rain the climate was very pleasant. So, as usual I took my camera and just got started. Now look at these two pictures....


How beautifully the black clouds are overlapping the white clouds. How beautifully the climate is changing, black clouds are disappearing.

Now, the images below are the pics of the clouds that I took after the disappearance of the above black clouds......

The clouds are ready for the photo shoot!!

 Reminds me of cotton candy!!!

 I wish I could touch them!!!!!!

I must say that this eagle gave a perfect pose!!

 This is what I see from the 6th floor of my building.. I hope you enjoyed as well just like me.

Well, it's been long when I published my last post. Actually I was out of town for some official work with my mom.

That's it for today...!! :-)

Now, it's your turn to give your feedback. Leave your lovely comments.


Vishant Pachisia said...

Nice pictures! :)
Especially the first one!

magiceye said...

beautiful captures!!

Saru Singhal said...

I wish I could float with those clouds:) Beautiful:)

Sneha Sunny said...

@vishant....... thanks......I like the eagle special.

@magiceye.......thanks feelings are the same. thanks.

Lucky said...

Thanks Sneha for taking time and visiting my blog. You have got excellent pics of the clouds, may be I will also start incorporating cloud effect in the pics.
(Which is the camera you are using...?)
I just completed one more trip, so please visit my blog again...

Sneha Sunny said...

@lucky.......Thanks for your comment. Well, I don't use some professional camera and I'm not a photographer, just like to take pics. I use sony cybershot vario tessar carl zeiss 7.2 mega pixels. It's something like this...

Now other models are available with up to 14 mega pixel.

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