A Surprise At Victoria Memorial....

on Tuesday, July 26, 2011
I promised yesterday that I'll present some pics, so here I am. I went to victoria memorial day before yesterday. And got a surprise there. I just wrote an article and used all those pics in there that I wanted to share here.

Check the link to see all the pics and experiences:
My Visit To Victoria Memorial
Well I made that an article because it's been a while when I wrote articles in my hubpages account. My poor neglected account. It's easier to provide the link rather than writing the whole stuff again and uploading all the pics again. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed. Well, I'm being a bit mean because some competition is going on and I need your votes. Click on "vote up" if you wish and don't forget to leave you comments.

You can also see the pic of the scene from my balcony that I've included in the article here.

Now, this was about my visit to Victoria Memorial. But the tour is not yet finished. I mentioned above that I got a surprise there. So, get ready for the surprise!!
The surprise was that when we were coming out of the Memorial we saw that some shooting was going on. It was Tamil movie but I do recognized the actor and actress. Guess what, I saw Prabhu Deva and Samira Reddy. I don't know who was the Tamil hero. I was at the front as I'm not a tall girl and I find it very easy to go forward pushing everybody aside and stand at the front position. Okay,  They were filming a song and I took some pics and videos. So, here are those......
Prabhu Deva (in white shirt and sun glasses), sitting on the location enjoying coffee.

Samira Reddy and Prabhu Deva (both in white)
  Rehearsing the scene

Giving the shot
                                      This guy in black shirt is the lead male actor. I don't know him.

Prabhu Deva watching the shot

Samira Reddy, pissed off with the high temperature

Prabhu Deva is the director of this movie. He is one of my favorite dancers.

I've also recorded the video clips while they were giving the shot. I'm facing a problem in uploading the videos. It's showing that the videos are uploaded but then I can't see the videos. I wanted to share those videos as well. If you can help then let me know how can I upload the videos so that I could add those as well.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed!!

Tell me whether you liked it or not. Leave your comments and reactions.....:-)

[Addition: I saw in the newspaper, the movie is VEDI (Tamil movie ) and the hero's name is Vishal]


Saru Singhal said...

I wish I could be there:)

Sneha Sunny said...

yeah.... it was a complete surprise. I never expected that I would see any actor or actress.

Bhavna said...

hey that was an amazing blog yaar....so you get to meet one of your fav stars and see a shooting too...and guess what you blog about it too...and then when the movie releases you can blog again and give a review for the movie and then proudly say I was there.... have your tried uploading the video to the youtube ? there they give code for embeded why don't you try that? let me know in case of any difficulties...btw nice blog

Sneha Sunny said...

yeah, I will blog about the review IF I got the chance to watch the movie. I was thinking of that only, first to upload on youtube. Thanks for commenting and advice.

vertu said...

nice post dear..I must say you are lucky.

Sneha Sunny said...

thanks..... it was unexpected. thanks for visiting my blog.. :-)

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