Amy Winehouse Found Dead

on Sunday, July 24, 2011
Well, you'll get this news in your televisions and radios as well but I have a reason to specifically publish this post. The famous singer was found dead at her North London home. She was 27 years. Don't you think that it's a bit early?? The reason for her death is still not known.
She was a drug and alcohol addict. This Grammy and Brit award winner was going through rehabs for this problem. But I don't think rehabs was working for her. During her European tour, she came to perform completely drunken. This was the time when she completed her alcohol rehab course and was strictly advised not to drink. Okay, it must not that easy to go through rehabs and all but have a look in her before and after drug abuse pic:
Look at the difference in her before and after. Look how drug has effected her body. Have a look on her thighs. For the first time when I saw this pic, I thought that it must be a fake pic because the body structure is completely different in both the pics. But after referring some more pics I can say that it's her only.
My aim to present this pic is very simple. I just wanted to present the truth about the things that could be a result of drug abuse. I'm sure her drug addiction has played a contributing role in her untimely death. And this is only one example. I got this pic of drug abuse from Google images because she is a celebrity. But there are many more common people who somehow got into the trouble named "drug addiction". Why to go for such things which, you know, will give you no gain but only pain?? Why to depend on rehabs?? I would say "prevention is better than cure". It's my request to everybody not to go for any such thing which can spoil your whole life. I don't know what kind of "pleasure" does drugs gives (not even interested in knowing) but the cost is very high, higher than your life. So, please don't go for any such thing and avoid such people who tries to influence you for drug abuse. There is no actual "pleasure" in drugs. The only thing it masters in is spoiling your body and its organs.

MY SUGGESTION: If anyone ever tries to influence your mind or if you ever feel to involve in any such activities, just think about your family, about the person who is close to you at the most. You'll automatically find the right thing to do.

I'll stop here with a request that please avoid yourself and the people around you to go for the "life spoiling" things.


Joanne Brothwell said...

How aweful. I totally agree with what you said about drug abuse/addiction. Terrible. Tragic.

Abhishek said...

People who drink alcohol are naturally prone to consuming drugs too I guess. But alcohol is for the poor and drugs are for the super rich. A few milligrams of coke will cost 50k and that is the only thing stopping most people from trying it out. Its best if people dont try any form of intoxication not even alcohol or smoking, because one will lead to the other.

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