on Tuesday, July 26, 2011
I promised yesterday that I'll present some pics, so here I am. I went to victoria memorial day before yesterday. And got a surprise there. I just wrote an article and used all those pics in there that I wanted to share here.

Check the link to see all the pics and experiences:
My Visit To Victoria Memorial
Well I made that an article because it's been a while when I wrote articles in my hubpages account. My poor neglected account. It's easier to provide the link rather than writing the whole stuff again and uploading all the pics again. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed. Well, I'm being a bit mean because some competition is going on and I need your votes. Click on "vote up" if you wish and don't forget to leave you comments.

You can also see the pic of the scene from my balcony that I've included in the article here.

Now, this was about my visit to Victoria Memorial. But the tour is not yet finished. I mentioned above that I got a surprise there. So, get ready for the surprise!!
The surprise was that when we were coming out of the Memorial we saw that some shooting was going on. It was Tamil movie but I do recognized the actor and actress. Guess what, I saw Prabhu Deva and Samira Reddy. I don't know who was the Tamil hero. I was at the front as I'm not a tall girl and I find it very easy to go forward pushing everybody aside and stand at the front position. Okay,  They were filming a song and I took some pics and videos. So, here are those......
Prabhu Deva (in white shirt and sun glasses), sitting on the location enjoying coffee.

Samira Reddy and Prabhu Deva (both in white)
  Rehearsing the scene

Giving the shot
                                      This guy in black shirt is the lead male actor. I don't know him.

Prabhu Deva watching the shot

Samira Reddy, pissed off with the high temperature

Prabhu Deva is the director of this movie. He is one of my favorite dancers.

I've also recorded the video clips while they were giving the shot. I'm facing a problem in uploading the videos. It's showing that the videos are uploaded but then I can't see the videos. I wanted to share those videos as well. If you can help then let me know how can I upload the videos so that I could add those as well.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed!!

Tell me whether you liked it or not. Leave your comments and reactions.....:-)

[Addition: I saw in the newspaper, the movie is VEDI (Tamil movie ) and the hero's name is Vishal]
on Sunday, July 24, 2011
Well, you'll get this news in your televisions and radios as well but I have a reason to specifically publish this post. The famous singer was found dead at her North London home. She was 27 years. Don't you think that it's a bit early?? The reason for her death is still not known.
She was a drug and alcohol addict. This Grammy and Brit award winner was going through rehabs for this problem. But I don't think rehabs was working for her. During her European tour, she came to perform completely drunken. This was the time when she completed her alcohol rehab course and was strictly advised not to drink. Okay, it must not that easy to go through rehabs and all but have a look in her before and after drug abuse pic:
Look at the difference in her before and after. Look how drug has effected her body. Have a look on her thighs. For the first time when I saw this pic, I thought that it must be a fake pic because the body structure is completely different in both the pics. But after referring some more pics I can say that it's her only.
My aim to present this pic is very simple. I just wanted to present the truth about the things that could be a result of drug abuse. I'm sure her drug addiction has played a contributing role in her untimely death. And this is only one example. I got this pic of drug abuse from Google images because she is a celebrity. But there are many more common people who somehow got into the trouble named "drug addiction". Why to go for such things which, you know, will give you no gain but only pain?? Why to depend on rehabs?? I would say "prevention is better than cure". It's my request to everybody not to go for any such thing which can spoil your whole life. I don't know what kind of "pleasure" does drugs gives (not even interested in knowing) but the cost is very high, higher than your life. So, please don't go for any such thing and avoid such people who tries to influence you for drug abuse. There is no actual "pleasure" in drugs. The only thing it masters in is spoiling your body and its organs.

MY SUGGESTION: If anyone ever tries to influence your mind or if you ever feel to involve in any such activities, just think about your family, about the person who is close to you at the most. You'll automatically find the right thing to do.

I'll stop here with a request that please avoid yourself and the people around you to go for the "life spoiling" things.
on Tuesday, July 5, 2011
It was raining here today very hard. But after the rain the climate was very pleasant. So, as usual I took my camera and just got started. Now look at these two pictures....


How beautifully the black clouds are overlapping the white clouds. How beautifully the climate is changing, black clouds are disappearing.

Now, the images below are the pics of the clouds that I took after the disappearance of the above black clouds......

The clouds are ready for the photo shoot!!

 Reminds me of cotton candy!!!

 I wish I could touch them!!!!!!

I must say that this eagle gave a perfect pose!!

 This is what I see from the 6th floor of my building.. I hope you enjoyed as well just like me.

Well, it's been long when I published my last post. Actually I was out of town for some official work with my mom.

That's it for today...!! :-)

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