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on Thursday, June 2, 2011
This is what I made today and I am going to share the simple steps that I followed to make this. It seems very hard to make an anime but trust me it's very easy. My first anime cartoon was of Goku, the hero of the cartoon show DragonBall Z. I made that when I was 10 or 11. That was nice one. Then I continued it by making the characters of Pokemon and Bayblade. But honestly I was never able to make the face perfectly. I used to copy the body and the structure of face exactly but was never able to make and place the eyes perfectly. This time I think it's much better than my previous works. This post is about how to make the face of an anime and how to place the eyes.

So let's get started....... Listen the songs on the right and grab the things that you will be needing to make it.

The things I used to make it is a paper........

And these stuffs......

You can refer any picture of anime for practice. To get the idea of eyes and hairs etc. I used a pic as reference that I took from google images.

First of all, make a circle like this....

If you are not perfect in making a perfect circle then you can use the compass to make it. But you need to practice to make it perfect so try to make it with your hands without the use of compass.

Now, divide the circle in two halves...

Divide this line in three equal parts...

Now make a line passing through the mark that you made to divide the circle.

This will give you the idea where to make the eyes.

Now, make two lines starting from the ends of the lines that you made to make the eyes. Made the chin at the distance equal to the distance between the line for eyes and the end of the circle.

I have made one more line so as to ensure that the curves of the face lies at the same level. And then I divided the line that I made to place the eyes into five parts; two small and three big parts. You can make these marks according to the pic you are taking as the reference. The pic I used was looking straight. That's why I have left a little space at the end and more at the middle portion. But if you are refering a pic in which the anime is looking at some angle then you need to make the marks accordingly. First look the distance betweent the eyes and positioning of the eyes and then make it.

Make the eye between the marks that you made on the line. Try to make the eyes of the reference that you are using. Eyes is a major factor that make an anime look much better and different so try to make the eyes good.  I will discuss the making of different kinds/expressions of anime eyes in some other post

Now make the nose and lips. For nose, I have just made two lines at a small angle with each other and a bit of shading next to the lines. For lips, I simply used the line that I made to ensure the level of the facial curves. I've made the lips just above that line. But the position of lips and nose will differ pic to pic.

Now rub the lines you made for idea on the face. And starts making the hairs. There are further some different types of styles in which you can make the hairs of an anime so instead of increasing the length of one post I feel I should make a different post for the making of hairs too. The pic under reference was having spiky hairs so I have made that kind of hairs only.

Never try to copy each single line of the hairs in such pointed hairs like I have made here. It will spoil your drawing. My personal experience says so. Just have a look on the kind of hairs like where are small spikes (mostly above the eyes) and then make your own lines and spikes. You can make the basic shape of the hairs by copying from the pic but never try to copy each single line. I have also made the shoulders here.

Now do the shadings on the hairs as per requirement.

I did a mistake here. I was supposed to make the dress portion at the beginning of the pic when I made the face, before making the hairs. So you first make the dress and then make the hairs. After making the dress it is complete.

I know, I know!!!! The pictures are not very bright but I'm working on it and trying to improve it. Well, this time I forgot to turn on the flash.

Now it's your turn to give the feedback and tell me whether you liked it or not. Leave your comments below and give your reactions.

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Kumaraditya Sarkar said...
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Steven Whibley said...

Great job! very talented. I struggle with stick-men. Thanks for sharing how you did it!

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