Welcome Me!!!!!

on Monday, May 9, 2011
Hi everyone!!!
First of all thanks for visiting my blog.
I am Sneha Sunny and this is my blog. Well, actually 2nd blog. I started one more blog a few days ago. I really don’t know what I am doing. Just creating new accounts in this or that site from past few months. Whatever..that’s a different topic. So since this is my first post in this blog so I thought to start with my introduction. So, I am Sneha, as I already mentioned and I am a student. I am from Kolkata, India. As a person I am a bit……..hmmmmmmmm……...let me think……….emotional. Emotional!!!!! Maybe. But not very much. And what??? Oh…this is so hard to tell about myself. You better decide what kind of person I am by interacting with me.
Let me talk about what I can tell. So let’s start with my likes. Well, I like to draw and paint (but it doesn’t means that I am a good painter), cooking (this also doesn’t means that I am a good cook), love to watch TV (this, of-course, means that I am good TV watcher), love a lot to sleep (expert in sleeping). I also enjoy writing articles and I write at some sites. The widget is on the right side. But I am not a writer, I write just to take a break from my studies. I enjoy forum discussions too. I also love playing games, gardening and spending time with myself. I like quite and green places like some hill station (well, who doesn’t). Reason maybe I have spent a very long time of my life in Himachal Pradesh and have my good friends there. Last year we shifted to this place after my 12th standard and I am really not liking it. Anyways, it will take some time to adjust.
“Oh Sneha how could you!!!” How could I forget to mention… I love animals…. I just keep on watching their pictures and collecting them when I am free. There is a long list of my favorites but the favorite in favorites is the big cat family. They are shoooooo shweettttttttt awe…… !!!!!!!  I have lots of pictures of them. I will share that too.
The purpose of creating this blog is not known to me… but I will be sharing some of the things that I will be doing and share my thoughts and latest news from my side.
Now I think I should stop. If you wish you can follow me and find out what I am doing. You will get to know me better after reading my posts. Right?? Trying old tricks to get some audience…. . Never mind. Follow me if you wish to. I am happy playing my old tricks. Please welcome me to your blogger’s family.



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