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on Monday, May 23, 2011
I always keep on experimenting with colors and recently I've been trying to make realistic trees using oil pastel. I actually love oil pastels and I always keep one set of it with me. So a few days ago I was searching in my online best friend "YouTube" how to make a realistic tree using oil pastels and I found a video with some very easy steps to make a realistic tree.

So I made this tree using oil pastel.

I tried to give it a realistic look but I think I have to work on it. Hmm...... practice makes a man perfect. Right??

All I used to make it is my set of oil pastels.......

and a piece of paper.....

I didn't even used pencil or eraser. Well, personally I think mistakes makes the painting more Actually use of pencil was not required.

The video was very helpful.

First of all I made the trunk of the tree using brown color.

I have left some gaps that I filled later on.

Now, to give a better look, I used black color on the right side of the tree to give the shadow effect.

Then, I used Prussian blue on the trunk of the tree and then shifted to the leaves and started making them using the same Prussian blue. I have used blue to make the leaves as it will work as the shadow of the bunch of leaves.

Using a bit yellow (I have used lemon yellow) on the left side of the tree, over the brown, considering the sunlight is coming from the left side, would enhance the light effect and will make the picture more realistic. I have used a bit orange too over yellow.

In the next step, I just used the same yellow (lemon yellow) to make the leaf effect.

After this I used deep green color to make the leaves and used it over the yellow area.
 Yellow makes the green color more bright and dark.

Can you guess the difference in the picture below and above???
Which one looks better??
I guess this one looks better. If you couldn't realized the difference then let me tell you I have just used brown color over the Prussian blue color to make the shadow more darker and attractive.

In the next step, I just made the ground using brown and deep green colors.

It looks better now. What do you say?? I am sure you will say the same.

Now, all I did is just took the white color and made some lines on the tree trunk and highlighted the tree branches as well. I have also used white over the green to make it more realistic. You can observe the difference.

After this I used sky blue over green and Prussian blue to merge the boundary and to give it more realistic look. And then I just used brown at the base of the leaves to give a better effect.

In the final step, I just made some small lines, with very light hands, using brown color on the leaves so as to make it more attractive. Watch the difference....
So here we are. Now the tree is complete. I think so at least.

Now at last but not the least, the most important things of this painting. What??? Of-course, the colors I used......
These are the total colors that I used to make this tree which was supposed to be look real but I don't know how much I succeed. They are not so new looking but still I love them.

Now, it's your time to answer this question:
Do you think this actually looks a real tree?? Maybe not completely but still, 1% real?? 

Viewers are the better judge I feel. So do give the feedback...

Next time I will try to present more bright pictures and will try to improve my


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