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Foggy sun-set in the busy city Kolkata
on Monday, December 12, 2011
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 A quick overview:
 Congress got upset by the defamatory contents related to Sonia Gandhi; this includes three "I hate Sonia Gandhi" fan page and other offensive pictures of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. They also highlighted the fact that people are posting offensive content against culture, religion, god and country. They are now asking to filter the content we post; after we post it and before it is published on the website on every social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube etc.

On the other hand Facebook is saying that they will not delete those contents which follows the policies of the website. They said it is not possible to do what Indian govt is demanding as the number of users from India is so high that it's not possible to screen every single thing they update, including photos, comments, status etc. They added that though they will engage with the Indian govt and delete all those content which violates the website policies and they continuously delete such offensive content, they added.

Google said a clear "no". They said that people differ in views and hence they will not delete the content just because they are controversial. They will not delete those content that follows the local laws and the standards of the company.

Microsoft and Yahoo didn't commented on the issue at the moment.

My views
I support govt's interest in deleting such contents but I do not support the way they chose to do this. I don't support the screening of our content. I seriously feel that it will disturb our freedom and privacy. I don't understand what govt wants. I would say that the offensive pictures of Sonia Gandhi should be removed but what's wrong in the "I hate Sonia Gandhi" fan page?? Different people has different opinion on almost every topic that we can think of. If someone hates somebody then what's wrong in expressing that?? And everybody knows the reason why people hate Sonia Gandhi. There's always a reason for such hate towards political leaders.

Many people are saying that how this will effect our freedom?? But I seriously think that it will affect our freedom to speech. Recently under this filtering program of Sibal, congress banned the Facebook fan page of Indian Army, just for the reason that the supporters of Lokpal bill were criticizing congress. What about the 4 lac fans of that Facebook page?? Why didn't they cared about the 4 lac citizens of India for which they work?? Isn't this against right to speech?? Don't we have the right to express our feelings with friends?? This simply shows that they only want to clear up their offensive content, no matters how common people feel.

I agree with the social networking sites that they already have the report abuse link on every single profile, every single photo and every single status people update. I don't think many of the people are using it instead they are just complaining. But is it the social networking site's fault that we are not reporting things which are bothering us??

Before this issue, Indian govt wished to access the gmail and skype data for security reasons. They have problem with Blackberry messenger and also with Google Earth claiming that terrorists can use it. In this sense, they should ban the technology completely.

I know what they are going to ask next: They'll ask to filter and screen our sms.

I think they should plan for some more realistic and sensible plan to control such contents rather than disturbing our privacy and freedom.

Reaction of common people 
A lots of people are not supporting Sibal's decision. A famous # tag is circulating in Twitter: #IdiotKapilSibal. And I've also gone through some of the comments by common people which are as follows:

1. Facebook should add a button called "Report Sibal"2. Clinton can take criticism, hate mails, bad remarks by people, Obama can take it, Bush can take it, Queen Elizabeth can take it, Sarkozi can take it, Putin can take it like every democratic country leader and otherwise also...... ....But Antonio Mino (filmy name Sonia) and Raul Vinci cannot it. Time to keep your Italian passports ready3. I am aghast at Sibal's threat to the social networking sites. Are we heading towards Nazi or Stalinist regime? He seems to have concern only at some comments on his party leader. A wise leader should ignore such comments instead of trying to muzzle them. Recently they have approached the judiciary to restrain Dr Swamy from speaking against the corruption by Chidambaram and Sonia. Let them wait for the result.4. Does Congress has objection on SONIA / RAHUL GANDHI EXPOSED on YouTube ?................and many more. 

(Source: Google Images)
The above comments shows that people are not happy with this decision of govt. Why govt is not considering common people's thought and doing everything on their own, for themselves. Why they are not taking actions against other adult sites and the sites which has instructions to make bombs or the "official" websites of terrorists?? They are only targeting social networking sites because they've found offensive things against them in these sites. They don't care about the nation and other affected areas of internet. They are hiding their selfishness behind the words: "people are posting offensive content for religion, country, god and culture and these content should not be accepted".

There's a huge debate going on in this topic. But I am among those who do not support this action completely. I'm against offensive content and I too think that such content should be removed but I'm also against with the govt's decision to screen our content. I think they should plan some new ideas to delete offensive content. 

What about you?? Please share your views; whether you support this or not.

(The way govt is thinking and planning, I'm wondering how long this post will be in internet!!)
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Recently NASA scientists have discovered the first ever Earth-like planet, Kepler 22b (named on the Kepler telescope). This discovery was announced on 5th December 2011. The most exciting part about this discovery is that this planet is suitably distant from it's sun-like star making the surroundings suitable for the existence of life and liquid water. It has suitable surface temperature of 22 degree Celsius and a suitable atmosphere for life. But it's still not confirmed whether any life exists there or not. This planet first came under notice when it's first star crossover was capture in 2009 by the NASA's Kepler spacecraft (launched in 2009 only). 

It is present in the Goldilocks zone- not too hot and not too cold- perfect for life. It's about 2.4 times larger than Earth and hence it is categorized under the Super-Earth catergory. 

 A comparison between our inner solar system and Kepler system

It's distance from its sun-like star is about 15% less than the distance between Earth and Sun but the luminosity of its star is 25% less than the Sun. It take about 290 days to take a complete revolution around its sun-like star.

It is reported that it's about 600 light years (3,600 trillion miles) away from the Earth and will take million of years for us to reach it!

However, scientists still don't know whether the planet is solid, liquid or gaseous as the mass of the planet is still not known. Still more research is required to reveal a lots of questions and secrets.

Wondering whether aliens exists or not!

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>> Career as a jewellery designer

Just like fashion designing, jewellery making too is in boom. The more we are getting modernized, the more the demand of jewellery is increasing. This article will show you how you can get into this field and set up your career, along with some tips.

Career as a jewellery designer

>> Career as a tattoo artist

Tattoo is a craze for not only today's generation but to everyone. You can find a tattoo on every other person you meet. Starting from celebrities to common people, everyone gets attracted to tattoos. This article shows you how to be a tattoo artist.

Career as a tattoo artist
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 Happy days are gone for Western Black Rhinos
(Source: Google Images)

In the month of November, the Western Black Rhinos (Diceros bicornis longipes) are declared extinct in Africa, making the count of two subspecies of Rhinos extinct recently. Javan Rhinos too were declared extinct in Veitnam. The conservationalists tracked the dung and found the dead Rhino with a bullet in the body and horns removed and declared that was the last Javan Rhino, in Veitnam. All the species of Rhinos are about to extinct. Officials have added that the White Rhinos in Central Africa too are possibly extinct in the wild. Though Indian Rhinos are now coming back from the extinction line.

The conservationalists set off to search the signs of the Western Black Rhinos in 2006 but found no signs of dung, foot marks, food signs etc. And now after this long search these Rhinos have been declared extinct in Africa. The main reasons for the extinction is lack of political support, commercial poaching and crime groups hunting for precious Rhino horns.

This recent extinction tells us the seriousness of the harm we are making on the nature. After a strong efforts of conservation programs, all the Rhino species are going to extinct! We will not see them in future! Poachers should understand that these bad effects on nature will harms us only in return. We need to get aware and aware others.

IUCN Red List: http://www.iucnredlist.org/
The red list now includes 62,000 endangered species, including 25% mammals.

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(Source: Google Images)

Last year on this day, 21 November, I published my first ever article online on HubPages.com. I've reached a milestone by successfully publishing for 1 year. It's my anniversary, yayyyyyyyy!! From this day my adventure of online publishing started and is still going on. It's my paper anniversary! I'm very happy today! I still feel that I started writing just a few months ago but 1 year has passed. I don't believe this! How quickly time passed away. I'm very much thankful to those who read my crap-y stuff. I wonder how people are still tolerating me. But I loved this past year. I'm very happy! Thanks to all of you who made this 1 year very special and motivated me to write more crap!!

My first ever article: Know About Big Cats
My latest article: Career As A Tattoo Artist 
on Sunday, November 20, 2011
(c) Copyright 2011. snehablogsabout.blogspot.com 

(I hope this looks nice as I can't see properly, since my computer screen colour has been affected by wonder-what! It has become tinged. I saw this pic on my camera screen only)
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Cancer is a deadly disease that is affecting a majority of
people in modern times. Though it's one of the 
mysterious diseases but still we can prevent them. 
This article shows the types of cancers, its symptoms, 
treatments and prevention. It also includes information
on carcinogenic substances and more. 

Follow the link to read more!!

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Guys, I want the url of this pic for the movie review. I couldn't find this pic on net. That's why posted it as a blog post. It's a nice movie. I will add the url of the movie review at the end of the blog post.

RIO: Movie Review 
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Now, of course, only a person like me can behave like this! Last month on 18th, a very strong earthquake struck Sikkim, as you may know. A lots of people died and there was a lots of destruction. I was at home that day. And since my state is the adjoining state to Sikkim that's why we too experienced a light shake over here. It wasn't a strong one but still it scared the big jesus out of me! This was my first ever experience with earthquake, even though I spent a very long time in Himachal Pradesh. I never experienced an earthquake there and never expected that I'll experience one here.

What happened, I was playing around and suddenly my father asked me something and we were talking about something. I don't even remember, the earthquake lead to memory loss! Then suddenly the building started shaking. Me and my dad went blank. Now, the thing is, here building shakes a bit when a big truck or bus moves on the road. Maybe because of the shock absorbents or whatever. The building is located near the road, and I think it's a highway. Whatever. The first thing that came in my mind was "the building never shakes like this because of the traffic". The next thing I did was, opened the front door and put my head out to see what's going on. As soon as I opened the door, I saw my neighbours too are in the same condition. I was looking to them, they looked at me. We didn't said anything and I looked here and there. Then the uncle said, "the building is shaking, right??". And I said, "yes uncle". He started saying to his family " get out, there's an earthquake". I got too scared that I got blank and was running here and there.  lol. I'm so stupid. I said to my dad "run, run, run". My dad was very cool like nothing was happening! He has experienced much, much, in fact very much strong earthquake before. He said it was a light one, nothing will happen (because when a strong earthquake starts, you'll not get the time to run here and there! Before doing that the building will fall). I thought that the building will fall before we'll get out of the building and the problem is I live on 8th floor! Anyways, while we were getting down, the earthquake stopped.

You should never behave like how I behaved! I got struck with an article a few days ago. It was like the god has slapped that article on my face, showing me what to do and what not to do. Whenever an earthquake strikes:
  • Keep your mind cool.
  • Don't run here and there like a stupid person (like me)!
  • If the earthquake is very strong that it's hard for you to even stand or if the things starts falling, then never try to run out of the building, instead, try to find something strong like a table and hide yourself under it.
  • Don't stay near the front door, windows, bookshelves etc, as they can break and fall on you.
  • After the earthquake, get out the building as there are always chance for a second earthquake and stay alert for next 24 hours.
  • Don't light fire because there maybe some gas leakages.
  • If you're on road then get out of the car or whatever. But don't leave it on the road. The roads should be free for the ambulances and fire brigade.
  • You should help the victims, at last.
Every natural calamities brings a lots of destruction but you need to keep your mind cool. This is very important. You wouldn't be able to think, otherwise.

Stay safe and never behave like me during a calamity!

on Sunday, August 14, 2011
Well, yesterday night I wrote two articles with a total of 4000 words (yes I did checked the word count!!) and now I'm not in the mood to type MORE words....seriously!! But still I had to collect something for you guys, I can't leave you guys without any post for many days :-). So, follow the link that I found from the site StumbleUpon.com today and stumbled.  As usual, today also StumbleUpon presented a recommendation for me and it very quickly got my attention......Why??.....you know that I'm crazy about animals.......don't you??  If you have checked my links then you must have seen that I've an account in StumbleUpon and basically I use it to submit my own articles, but sometimes I do stumble good things....... Check it out.... It'll surely bring a smile on your face....:-)

Cute animals...

Leave your feedback...:-D
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A Painting By Me
(please note that the url written on the picture is no more the url of this site. For some personal reasons I changed it to snehablogsabout.blogspot.com)

And look who is here with me today. I just hope you can understand what is it from the picture. If it's that bad and hard to understand then let me tell you it's the African Lion....one of my sweethearts :-). My craze to cat family made me do this....lol. Actually this is my first animal painting and I've used soft pastels to make this yesterday night. In fact it's my first soft pastel painting as well and now soft pastels are my new favorites :-). Yesterday night I don't know what happened to me. I was watching a movie and after the movie I was just about to sleep but I don't know what I thought, I just took a piece of chart paper lying next to me and my soft pastels and started making this. I just continued until it was complete.

I don't know why I'm so much fascinated by animals...all animals you see. But cats are on the top of the list and I guess you can see that too if you've seen my blog properly. Maybe because I feel that they are so much "royal". I don't know. I just like them. And BTW all the girls likes cat.

Okay, I started making it at 1:00 AM (3rd August 2011) sharp and then it was complete at 3:30 AM. So, it took two and a half hours to make it. Yes,,, I can stay awake at night....but I did slept upto 12:00 PM in the morning :-P.

I always wanted to paint some animal's pic and always wanted to start with some member of cat family only. That's why I chose the king. I've seen a lots of paintings by others, beautiful ones but some people make paintings which looks exact copy of the real one. But I think the painting should look like a painting. Don't you think?? Otherwise what would be the difference between the real one and a painting. LOL.......I'm saying so 'cause I can't make that realistic...... but......hey!!!! that makes a sense actually, what would be the difference.. I've tried many times to make an exact copy. But first of all, I never succeeded :-/ :-P and secondly, if you try to make the exact copy using the same colors as in the real one then the painting actually looks boring, more use of colors makes it much interesting. WOW........ sometimes I say right things, with sense....though accidentally!! Fine...stop!! don't laugh at me now!!

I hope it was not that much annoying.... tell me whether you liked it or not in comments and reactions. Oh!! and sign my guest book (on the left) as well if you wish...:-)
Next time I'll make an owl dedicating myself that I can stay awake late at night. :-D
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I promised yesterday that I'll present some pics, so here I am. I went to victoria memorial day before yesterday. And got a surprise there. I just wrote an article and used all those pics in there that I wanted to share here.

Check the link to see all the pics and experiences:
My Visit To Victoria Memorial
Well I made that an article because it's been a while when I wrote articles in my hubpages account. My poor neglected account. It's easier to provide the link rather than writing the whole stuff again and uploading all the pics again. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed. Well, I'm being a bit mean because some competition is going on and I need your votes. Click on "vote up" if you wish and don't forget to leave you comments.

You can also see the pic of the scene from my balcony that I've included in the article here.

Now, this was about my visit to Victoria Memorial. But the tour is not yet finished. I mentioned above that I got a surprise there. So, get ready for the surprise!!
The surprise was that when we were coming out of the Memorial we saw that some shooting was going on. It was Tamil movie but I do recognized the actor and actress. Guess what, I saw Prabhu Deva and Samira Reddy. I don't know who was the Tamil hero. I was at the front as I'm not a tall girl and I find it very easy to go forward pushing everybody aside and stand at the front position. Okay,  They were filming a song and I took some pics and videos. So, here are those......
Prabhu Deva (in white shirt and sun glasses), sitting on the location enjoying coffee.

Samira Reddy and Prabhu Deva (both in white)
  Rehearsing the scene

Giving the shot
                                      This guy in black shirt is the lead male actor. I don't know him.

Prabhu Deva watching the shot

Samira Reddy, pissed off with the high temperature

Prabhu Deva is the director of this movie. He is one of my favorite dancers.

I've also recorded the video clips while they were giving the shot. I'm facing a problem in uploading the videos. It's showing that the videos are uploaded but then I can't see the videos. I wanted to share those videos as well. If you can help then let me know how can I upload the videos so that I could add those as well.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed!!

Tell me whether you liked it or not. Leave your comments and reactions.....:-)

[Addition: I saw in the newspaper, the movie is VEDI (Tamil movie ) and the hero's name is Vishal]
on Sunday, July 24, 2011
Well, you'll get this news in your televisions and radios as well but I have a reason to specifically publish this post. The famous singer was found dead at her North London home. She was 27 years. Don't you think that it's a bit early?? The reason for her death is still not known.
She was a drug and alcohol addict. This Grammy and Brit award winner was going through rehabs for this problem. But I don't think rehabs was working for her. During her European tour, she came to perform completely drunken. This was the time when she completed her alcohol rehab course and was strictly advised not to drink. Okay, it must not that easy to go through rehabs and all but have a look in her before and after drug abuse pic:
Look at the difference in her before and after. Look how drug has effected her body. Have a look on her thighs. For the first time when I saw this pic, I thought that it must be a fake pic because the body structure is completely different in both the pics. But after referring some more pics I can say that it's her only.
My aim to present this pic is very simple. I just wanted to present the truth about the things that could be a result of drug abuse. I'm sure her drug addiction has played a contributing role in her untimely death. And this is only one example. I got this pic of drug abuse from Google images because she is a celebrity. But there are many more common people who somehow got into the trouble named "drug addiction". Why to go for such things which, you know, will give you no gain but only pain?? Why to depend on rehabs?? I would say "prevention is better than cure". It's my request to everybody not to go for any such thing which can spoil your whole life. I don't know what kind of "pleasure" does drugs gives (not even interested in knowing) but the cost is very high, higher than your life. So, please don't go for any such thing and avoid such people who tries to influence you for drug abuse. There is no actual "pleasure" in drugs. The only thing it masters in is spoiling your body and its organs.

MY SUGGESTION: If anyone ever tries to influence your mind or if you ever feel to involve in any such activities, just think about your family, about the person who is close to you at the most. You'll automatically find the right thing to do.

I'll stop here with a request that please avoid yourself and the people around you to go for the "life spoiling" things.
on Tuesday, July 5, 2011
It was raining here today very hard. But after the rain the climate was very pleasant. So, as usual I took my camera and just got started. Now look at these two pictures....


How beautifully the black clouds are overlapping the white clouds. How beautifully the climate is changing, black clouds are disappearing.

Now, the images below are the pics of the clouds that I took after the disappearance of the above black clouds......

The clouds are ready for the photo shoot!!

 Reminds me of cotton candy!!!

 I wish I could touch them!!!!!!

I must say that this eagle gave a perfect pose!!

 This is what I see from the 6th floor of my building.. I hope you enjoyed as well just like me.

Well, it's been long when I published my last post. Actually I was out of town for some official work with my mom.

That's it for today...!! :-)

Now, it's your turn to give your feedback. Leave your lovely comments.

on Sunday, June 19, 2011
Holidays are on and I don't have much to do. Just spending time at my home doing different experiments and sleeping. Climate has also changed, it's raining here. So, can't even go out and take pictures. This rain has spoiled my  plans to go out with family. So sad!! :-(

                                                                  Black Clouds!!

I had nothing to do. So I just picked up my camera and took this pic of growling black clouds. This is the picture of the day from my side!!

Well, of course I love holidays but raining holidays??
No worries. I will be back with more news and pictures.

on Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I don't think that I need to say much about it. I captured this picture at Alipore Zoo, Kolkata, India; a national zoo of India. A lots of amazing animals are there but the day I went there, this was the most fascinating thing. The most amazing thing was that when we arrived to him, it took this posture like it has spread his features for us. Otherwise it's not something that you can see every day out of your window. No doubt it's a beauty. I love it!!
on Friday, June 10, 2011
Again I am back with a photo. Well, actually one of my friends said today that what the heck I do on blogger and said "you are making stupid paintings"?? So I thought to post a pic today.

You can't get this view of Victoria memorial (Kolkata, India) from anywhere except from my balcony. India was ruled by the Britishers for 100 years and this is the memorial building dedicated to queen Victoria. Kolkata was the capital of British India. It's a big tourist's attraction and I'm lucky enough that I don't even need to buy the tickets to see it. Now it's a kind of museum.

And this ground, in-front of the Victoria memorial, is the race course. I watch the horse race conducted every day for free. I like horses. Oh!! and this ground is also used as the helipad. You can see the cemented portion in the middle, helicopters land there only.

I actually thought to post another painting today but my friend's comment made me change my mind........ Moreover I'm a bit sick today. Suffering from fever.

Give your feedback and I'll be back with more pictures. Till then check out my older posts too and give your feedback.
on Monday, June 6, 2011
I made this on Photoshop and this is my first Photoshop pic. I got very much impressed by those who make realistic pics in Photoshop so I decided to try it out. I didn't referred any pic this time, just made it. Eyes can be of any shape and size so I just made the basic shape and the basic things. This is not very realistic but I'm trying to make it more realistic. This time I don't have the step wise making as it was just a trial but as soon as I improve I will post the stepwise making too or maybe a video. Right now I'm trying to learn all the features of Photoshop as soon as I can

This is all for today. Tell me whether you liked it or not. Leave your comments and reactions.
on Thursday, June 2, 2011
This is what I made today and I am going to share the simple steps that I followed to make this. It seems very hard to make an anime but trust me it's very easy. My first anime cartoon was of Goku, the hero of the cartoon show DragonBall Z. I made that when I was 10 or 11. That was nice one. Then I continued it by making the characters of Pokemon and Bayblade. But honestly I was never able to make the face perfectly. I used to copy the body and the structure of face exactly but was never able to make and place the eyes perfectly. This time I think it's much better than my previous works. This post is about how to make the face of an anime and how to place the eyes.

So let's get started....... Listen the songs on the right and grab the things that you will be needing to make it.

The things I used to make it is a paper........

And these stuffs......

You can refer any picture of anime for practice. To get the idea of eyes and hairs etc. I used a pic as reference that I took from google images.

First of all, make a circle like this....

If you are not perfect in making a perfect circle then you can use the compass to make it. But you need to practice to make it perfect so try to make it with your hands without the use of compass.

Now, divide the circle in two halves...

Divide this line in three equal parts...

Now make a line passing through the mark that you made to divide the circle.

This will give you the idea where to make the eyes.

Now, make two lines starting from the ends of the lines that you made to make the eyes. Made the chin at the distance equal to the distance between the line for eyes and the end of the circle.

I have made one more line so as to ensure that the curves of the face lies at the same level. And then I divided the line that I made to place the eyes into five parts; two small and three big parts. You can make these marks according to the pic you are taking as the reference. The pic I used was looking straight. That's why I have left a little space at the end and more at the middle portion. But if you are refering a pic in which the anime is looking at some angle then you need to make the marks accordingly. First look the distance betweent the eyes and positioning of the eyes and then make it.

Make the eye between the marks that you made on the line. Try to make the eyes of the reference that you are using. Eyes is a major factor that make an anime look much better and different so try to make the eyes good.  I will discuss the making of different kinds/expressions of anime eyes in some other post

Now make the nose and lips. For nose, I have just made two lines at a small angle with each other and a bit of shading next to the lines. For lips, I simply used the line that I made to ensure the level of the facial curves. I've made the lips just above that line. But the position of lips and nose will differ pic to pic.

Now rub the lines you made for idea on the face. And starts making the hairs. There are further some different types of styles in which you can make the hairs of an anime so instead of increasing the length of one post I feel I should make a different post for the making of hairs too. The pic under reference was having spiky hairs so I have made that kind of hairs only.

Never try to copy each single line of the hairs in such pointed hairs like I have made here. It will spoil your drawing. My personal experience says so. Just have a look on the kind of hairs like where are small spikes (mostly above the eyes) and then make your own lines and spikes. You can make the basic shape of the hairs by copying from the pic but never try to copy each single line. I have also made the shoulders here.

Now do the shadings on the hairs as per requirement.

I did a mistake here. I was supposed to make the dress portion at the beginning of the pic when I made the face, before making the hairs. So you first make the dress and then make the hairs. After making the dress it is complete.

I know, I know!!!! The pictures are not very bright but I'm working on it and trying to improve it. Well, this time I forgot to turn on the flash.

Now it's your turn to give the feedback and tell me whether you liked it or not. Leave your comments below and give your reactions.

You can digg or submit my posts to stumbleupon if you liked it. Digg button is available on every post next to the comment option and stumbleupon button is available on the right.
on Thursday, May 26, 2011
HPCA Stadium, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India

This picture is about 7 to 8 years old. And I will not lie, this picture is not taken by me but by my friend. I saw this picture in his Facebook album and just fell in love with this pic. You might remember I've posted one more pic of a mountain range. That one is the part of the range visible in this picture. Its name is Dhauladhar range and this range is the southern branch of outer main chain of Himalaya range. This pic is old and now the stadium is much better in looks.

This is all for today. You enjoy this picture and do give your feedback. And just wait for more incredible pictures of incredible India.
on Monday, May 23, 2011
I always keep on experimenting with colors and recently I've been trying to make realistic trees using oil pastel. I actually love oil pastels and I always keep one set of it with me. So a few days ago I was searching in my online best friend "YouTube" how to make a realistic tree using oil pastels and I found a video with some very easy steps to make a realistic tree.

So I made this tree using oil pastel.

I tried to give it a realistic look but I think I have to work on it. Hmm...... practice makes a man perfect. Right??

All I used to make it is my set of oil pastels.......

and a piece of paper.....

I didn't even used pencil or eraser. Well, personally I think mistakes makes the painting more beautiful....lol. Actually use of pencil was not required.

The video was very helpful.

First of all I made the trunk of the tree using brown color.

I have left some gaps that I filled later on.

Now, to give a better look, I used black color on the right side of the tree to give the shadow effect.

Then, I used Prussian blue on the trunk of the tree and then shifted to the leaves and started making them using the same Prussian blue. I have used blue to make the leaves as it will work as the shadow of the bunch of leaves.

Using a bit yellow (I have used lemon yellow) on the left side of the tree, over the brown, considering the sunlight is coming from the left side, would enhance the light effect and will make the picture more realistic. I have used a bit orange too over yellow.

In the next step, I just used the same yellow (lemon yellow) to make the leaf effect.

After this I used deep green color to make the leaves and used it over the yellow area.
 Yellow makes the green color more bright and dark.

Can you guess the difference in the picture below and above???
Which one looks better??
I guess this one looks better. If you couldn't realized the difference then let me tell you I have just used brown color over the Prussian blue color to make the shadow more darker and attractive.

In the next step, I just made the ground using brown and deep green colors.

It looks better now. What do you say?? I am sure you will say the same.

Now, all I did is just took the white color and made some lines on the tree trunk and highlighted the tree branches as well. I have also used white over the green to make it more realistic. You can observe the difference.

After this I used sky blue over green and Prussian blue to merge the boundary and to give it more realistic look. And then I just used brown at the base of the leaves to give a better effect.

In the final step, I just made some small lines, with very light hands, using brown color on the leaves so as to make it more attractive. Watch the difference....
So here we are. Now the tree is complete. I think so at least.

Now at last but not the least, the most important things of this painting. What??? Of-course, the colors I used......
These are the total colors that I used to make this tree which was supposed to be look real but I don't know how much I succeed. They are not so new looking but still I love them.

Now, it's your time to answer this question:
Do you think this actually looks a real tree?? Maybe not completely but still, 1% real?? 

Viewers are the better judge I feel. So do give the feedback...

Next time I will try to present more bright pictures and will try to improve my photography...lol.

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